Very good article Nitesh. Smart phone causes problem for many people. Social media apps even Youtube app is also addictive and kills lots of time.

I follow this techniques to being productive:

1. I turned off all notification in my app, except whats app and fb messenger. Sometimes important message come.

2. Normally when I work, I put my phone in vibrate mode, so even notification come in messenger or whats app don't bother me.

3. When I found an app is become too addictive, I delete the app from my phone. I deleted instagram and linkedin app. Even I don't use twitter on my phone. Sometimes if I want to post something on instagram, I download the app again, post and delete after few hours.

4. I always or most of the time use Pomodoro software to track my working even studying time which helps a lot.

5. I sometimes open Amazon kindle app on my phone, and I use it's flash card feature to practice some of my previous highlights in books.

Today's generation has to tackle lot of noise in this world. We're virtually connected to each other but socially distanced.

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