Recently I got few emails from Facebook audience for my apps where I use Facebook audience to monetize my apps. Well, everything I managed by Google AdMob Mediation so I can easily handle monetization. In the mails, Facebook made a new requirements for audience network. You have to create Ad Space in the app’s dashboard and select which ads belongs to those ad space. If you do not follow this, FB Audience will stop to provide ads after November 1st.

  • If you’re just started using Facebook audience then its not a big issue.
  • If you’re using FB audience for a while and earning good money then its not a big issue.
  • But,
  • If you are using FB audience for 100+ apps and there are on overage 3 kinds of ads per app, then it’s really a BIG issue. So you may ask why?

Because you’ve to create ad space by declaring some title and description about what kind of ads and how you’ll be shown it in the app. For example, if you want to show banner ads in your app, you have to create ad space for banner first, then create a new banner ads and then put the banner ads in the ad space. For new app its may be okay, but for existing apps, you have to create ad spaces, and move all existing ads by selecting manually one by one then by clicking a move button and selection the ad space name in the list. Very slow process.

My question is why? There is no way to bulk operation and its very slow to work in this way. I started to modify my apps setting in FB Audience dashboard and after modified 3 apps, I become frustrated and finally decided to remove FB audience network from all my apps.

Why I have no problem by removing FB Audience Network from my apps:

  1. Honestly their fill rate is stupid. Less than 50%. I guess, Facebook show most of their ads in their mobile app, instagram app and mobile web, so how they can fill for 3rd party!
  2. In my experience in rare cases, they beat Google AdMob eCPM. Most of the time their eCPM is lower than AdMob
  3. And finally they made the procedure so complex I am happy to kick out FB audience from my apps.
  4. Instead of creating ad space they can create an option in the ads where we can describe what kind of ad it is.

Anyway, I have been using Google AdMob since 2010 and for last 7 years I used several other networks Apple iAd, MdotM, MoPub, Mobfox, Millennial Media, Mobclix, Smaato and some others I forgot. But in my experience Google AdMob is best and my number 1 choice among all. Another reason I love Google AdMob because they send earning timely and never delayed.

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