Long Exposure Photography using Fujifilm X-T2 and XF16mm f/1.4

This is my first photography related post in this blog. As this is my personal blog, I thought why not share some of my photography experience. I love taking photos so from now on I often will write photography related post beside tech posts. Today I will discuss about 3 images I taken using long exposure techniques. All of these 3 photos are taken by Fujifilm X-T2 mirrorless camera with XF16mm f/1.4 lens in RAW format and post processed by Adobe Lightroom.

Normally I don’t get chance to take photos during golden hour (sunrise and sunset time). So one day I decided I will go as the sky looks very nice from my home. I went to the nearest beach 30 minutes before sunset. I looked here and there and thought for a while where to shoot. So first I came to this point below image, and set my tripod and camera. I started composing random shots to check the framing. Then I started some long exposure shots in different aperture and shutter speed. Finally before 15 minutes of sunset I got this shot.

ƒ/8 | 15s | ISO 100

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I was continuously shooting and finally got below shot after 15 minutes of sunset. It was a 60 seconds exposure which bring out the calm and quiet feelings of the sea with nice colorful sky.
ƒ/4 | 60s | ISO 400

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After 25 minutes of sunset I captured this moment where the sky looks very dramatic. In this time the sky looks more beautiful in camera eye than human eye.
ƒ/8 | 20s | ISO 200

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On that day in 1 hour I shoot above 100 shots with different exposures and selected these 3 shots which I like most. All of these shots are single shots, no stacking or HDR. I noticed the long exposures shots using my X-T2 has and XF16mm lens got some 3~4 noise which I fixed in post process. I love my X-T2 camera with the XF16mm f/1.4 lens as its very lighter to carry. Fixed focal length has some limitation but it also helps to think more creative composition.

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