Do Manual Optimization in AdMob to Earn Better

Google AdMob dashboard gives us opportunity to optimize ads performance, which many people overlook. If you check it regularly, you may get chance to optimize a bit for a while to earn better. Today I will discuss about that.

Basically I prefer, to serve all ads including direct client ads, house ads via AdMob mediation. Google AdMob is the best ads mediation service I have ever used. I also used MoPub that’s interface is complex to understand, difficult to use and have very few optimization options.

So why you should check regular income in different ads platform?

Well, here I am describing my recent real life experience. Currently I am using only Facebook Audience and Google AdMob ads in my mobile applications. A few weeks ago, suddenly I saw a peek of revenue coming from Facebook Audience. You see, the eCPM for interestial is very high for United Arab Emirates and South Africa, whereas the better revenue generating in UAE. This is not usual.

Facebook Audience

So what I did, I modified the eCPM in Google AdMob dashboard for my app and gave highest priority for UAE and South Africa for Facebook Audience. I also modified the manual eCPM for some other countries previously as their rate is better than normal rate.

Google AdMob

So for few days, I got some extra revenue than usual coming from Facebook Audience. That’s good, is not it. If I didn’t check regularly I missed those extra money. Google AdMob also has auto ads optimization settings for some networks, but unfortunately Facebook Audience yet not supported.

So keep your eye on and check regularly how the ads performance is going for different network and in different countries.

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