One web scraping technique to rule them all

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Web scraping is the process of gathering data automatically by a computer program from different websites. There are many use cases. Many businesses were created solely based on web scarping.

There are different ways to scrape any website using Python. …

Android Dev

Easy to say but expensive to do

Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash and updated by Author

In my last article, I discussed how to reverse engineering an android app. If you did no reverse engineering before just do it to learn how easy it is to reverse an android app to the original source code.

In this article, I will let you know how to protect…

Lesson I learned from the event by Jessica Chen and Lung Nien Lee

Photo by Charles Forerunner on Unsplash

Today I attended a virtual event “Building a Path for Career Visibility & Advancement Event by Jessica Chen and Lung Nien Lee, the Chairman of Citi Private Bank, South Asia”

And here is my notes:


- When you communicate upwards, please keep it simple, concise
- Learn how to speak to the point instead of telling…

Mahmud Ahsan

I’m a software engineer. I read a lot and write about iOS, programming, and diverse topics.

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