Test your app development the most comfortable way

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When we develop an iOS app, we have at least one scheme. Many beginner or intermediate developers don’t know that we can add some special commands to create a custom environment to test the app.

Let me tell you how to use different iOS or Mac app schemes in XCode…

iOS Dev

Save time by automating deployment

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If you’re an iOS developer like me, you should use Fastlane to deploy your app fast. It saves time — a lot of time. Over many years I have been using Fastlane to deploy my apps and our company’s app. …


One web scraping technique to rule them all

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Web scraping is the process of gathering data automatically by a computer program from different websites. There are many use cases. Many businesses were created solely based on web scarping.

There are different ways to scrape any website using Python. …

Android Dev

Easy to say but expensive to do

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In my last article, I discussed how to reverse engineering an android app. If you did no reverse engineering before just do it to learn how easy it is to reverse an android app to the original source code.

In this article, I will let you know how to protect…

Perspective from a software engineer

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Let me tell you a story. Two woodcutters work for a person for eight hours daily. The master pays 2x more wages to the second worker. One day, the first person asked his master why he pays double to the second worker though both work the same hours daily?


Lesson I learned from the event by Jessica Chen and Lung Nien Lee

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Today I attended a virtual event “Building a Path for Career Visibility & Advancement Event by Jessica Chen and Lung Nien Lee, the Chairman of Citi Private Bank, South Asia”

And here is my notes:


- When you communicate upwards, please keep it simple, concise
- Learn how to speak to the point instead of telling…

Let me share with you my interview experience with Amazon

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People like to hear success stories. But successful people may have many failed stories. Let me share a recent one of mine with you, where I failed to pass the final interview in Amazon, Berlin.

  1. Two months back, an Amazon recruiter contacted me via LinkedIn.
  2. I gave a Phone Interview…

Computer science fundamental

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QuickSort is a sorting algorithm that follows the divide and conquer approach. On average, it’s faster than insertion sort, and selection sort and have a similar performance to merge sort. But in the worst case, its performance is similar to insertion sort or selection sort.

The concept of quicksort is…

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This is a follow-up post on How to Use Fastlane to Deploy iOS App Fast. Recently, I faced a problem related to uploading dSYM files to Firebase Crashlytics.

So what is a dSYM file? According to Apple,

When Xcode compiles your source code into machine code, it generates a list…

Computer science fundamental

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Merge sort is a sorting algorithm that uses the divide and conquer approach. It is faster than insertion sort and selection sort. Merge sort is also a stable sort algorithm, meaning the order of the equal elements in the input and output is the same.

Here is an animation of…

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