Test your app development the most comfortable way

When we develop an iOS app, we have at least one scheme. Many beginner or intermediate developers don’t know that we can add some special commands to create a custom environment to test the app.

Let me tell you how to use different iOS or Mac app schemes in XCode to test an app faster.

I have an iOS app named “Word Search” that I developed long ago in 2013 and still often update the app with new features. In this app, there are some features that are critical to test. For example:

  1. Advertise
  2. Hints
  3. Puzzle to solve

iOS Dev

Save time by automating deployment

If you’re an iOS developer like me, you should use Fastlane to deploy your app fast. It saves time — a lot of time. Over many years I have been using Fastlane to deploy my apps and our company’s app. Today I will guide you on setting up and using Fastlane to deploy an iOS app to Apple Store faster.

I assume you know, how to deploy an iOS app manually on the App Store.

Felix Krause founds Fastlane. The tool is open-sourced. You can use it to automate deployment for both iOS and Android applications in your machine or…


One web scraping technique to rule them all

Web scraping is the process of gathering data automatically by a computer program from different websites. There are many use cases. Many businesses were created solely based on web scarping.

There are different ways to scrape any website using Python. Using the BeautifulSoup library, Scrapy Framework, and Selenium library with a headless web browser.

Using BeautifulSoup or Scrapy Framework, we can easily scrap a normal website where the server generates the HTML files. …

Android Dev

Easy to say but expensive to do

In my last article, I discussed how to reverse engineering an android app. If you did no reverse engineering before just do it to learn how easy it is to reverse an android app to the original source code.

In this article, I will let you know how to protect an Android app from reverse engineering.

If you want to protect your app from reverse engineering free, unfortunately, there is no such tool. What you can do is to make it difficult for the attacker.

There is a detailed article from android developer website where you can know how to…

If you didn’t know, now you will know!

Context Menu is a popup menu used to display some actions. In SwiftUI, a 3d touch will trigger to show the context menu. But to use that, you have to use the .contextMenu modifier. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a context menu in SwiftUI for better usability.

You will develop the following app:

My notes from the book anything you want

In this post, I want to share the lessons I learned from the book I recently finished, “Anything you want” by Derek Sivers.

I will discuss a bit about the writer’s success story and what I have learned from this book, which I think could be applicable for anyone.

So who is Derek Sivers, if you don’t know.

In short, from his website, sive.rs, he has written there:

“Derek has been a musician, producer, circus performer, entrepreneur, TED speaker, and book publisher.”

Let me tell you more.

So basically, from what I have read from his book, he was…

In 2015, I wrote this article and mentioned how I was getting pissed off by the company of GuardSquare and their product dexguard. They wanted me to renew my software license from 480 EUR to 10313 EUR to renew after a few years.

At that time I switched to DexProtector, purchased a license of USD 400 per year to protect a few of my android apps.

Today I contacted them to renew my license so that I can support the latest android version.

Their sales team asked me some questions, I answered and mentioned which apps I wanted to protect.

The logger we use to debug our swift code

Normally when we write a Swift program, we use the default print function to know what to see on a particular case, maybe a variable’s data or a response from the server. There is no problem with using it. But we use a different approach for better usability and functionality. We use a custom Logger class with predefined functions. Let me tell you why?

Sometimes clients want that the information they collected from the user should be encrypted and stored in a database. Data encryption and decryption is a common technique for secured data. In this article, I’ll show how could you use MySQL's built-in function to encrypt and decrypt data.

Suppose you have a table where you want to encrypt a user’s name & address. So look below the structure of the table. In this table, we will store the name and address encrypted in MYSQL.

You may be expected the table structure should be:

To encrypt & decrypt MySQL data…

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